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When will we have a MBA Energy from top business schools?

The world has seen various Ages – the Industrial Age that redefined economies around the world and established concentrated geographies, thus dividing the world into almost three. The Information Technololgy Age that came close to the end of the 20th century almost made the world flat. A moot question to ask is in 2012 are we looking at Energy Age – where a country’s richness is determined on the basis of effectively managing the Energy Demand and Supply dynamics.

Energy has been universally recognized as one of the most important inputs for economic growth and human development. There is a strong two-way relationship between economic development and energy consumption. On one hand, growth of an economy, with its global competitiveness, hinges on the availability of cost-effective and environmentally benign energy sources, and on the other hand, the level of economic development has been observed to be reliant on the energy demand..
There are top business schools who have gone very agresive in terms of their business strategy to bridge the gap between what industry wants and what the B Schools can offer.
Its important that now the academia looks seriously at this …and include Energy as one of their critical course offerings.Corporates like Schneider Electric have already taken a lead by launching new initiatives like Energy University. For more visit

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Is India really serious about Energy Crisis?

Will you hire an Engineer  heading your hospital or healthcare dept. What would you say if someone does that…that you are not serious..then how come we have a whole ministry on Renewable Energy headed by a MBBS doctor. The good part is India is the only country in the world which has an exclusive ministry for renewable energy. But then we talk about solar, wind, hydro, thermal, bio, waste to energy etc all in one breath which confuses the industry at large on the problems and challenges of the industry because each of these have a different pain point and are at different maturity levels in their product life cycle.

I personally feel that India the main concern is Transmission and Distribution and managing the losses therein. If we are really serious about energy crisis, then just by controlling the T&D losses we will be able to address our immediate problems. But the funny part is we have got used to take things lying down and have accepted all mismanagement as part and parcel of life.

We will create ministries for Renewable Energy where many ministries are created for coalition politics compulsions. For more on energy and technology visit

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Studio Green Marketing Solutions-SGMS launches Energy & Technology Update-ETU INDIA

Studio Green Marketing Solutions-SGMS launches Energy & Technology Update-ETU INDIA Energy & Technology Update-ETU INDIA ‘Energy and Technology Update’ a publication from Studio Green is meant for the enterprise space, addressing issues of energy and technology with a special focus of building a Green & Sustainable India. ‘Energy and Technology Update’, will serve as a one-stop destination for today’s discerning business reader with regards to green energy and technology arena. It will feature news, views and analysis by some of the experts in the domain and Industry opinion leaders. As marketers you align with people who have been in the marketing space ensuring you better Return on Investments for the marketing monies spent. Reach focus is across levels and Industry verticals like O&G, Power, Engineering, Chemicals, Automobile, IT, Telecom, Electronics, Pharma, Hospitality, Textile, FMCG, Municipal & Government bodies and others.

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