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Energy & Technology Update –

Energy & Technology Update -

Energy & Technology Update

‘Energy and Technology Update’ a publication from Studio Green is meant for the enterprise space, addressing issues of energy and technology with a special focus of building a Green & Sustainable India.

‘Energy and Technology Update’, will serve as a one-stop destination for today’s discerning business reader with regards to green energy and technology arena. It will feature news, views and analysis by some of the experts in the domain and Industry opinion leaders. As marketers you align with people who have been in the marketing space ensuring you better Return on Investments for the marketing monies spent.

Our mission will be clear and unchanging: to provide insights and information in the energy and technology space, for a green and sustainable India, and ensure success of those who tap into ‘Energy and Technology Update’.

Started in 2010 as on online medium with, in a short span it now reaches to more than 453,000 readers across levels and Industry verticals like O&G, Power, Engineering, Chemicals, Automobile, IT, Telecom, Electronics, Pharma, Hospitality, Textile, FMCG, Municipal & Government bodies and others. With the print issue we would reach another select 10,000 readers. For any information email us at


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